Since 2001 we have learned that long-term relationships are overwhelmingly more valuable than any other asset in this business. 

About Us

APEX or Agricultural Products Extension LLC is a commodity merchandising company that specializes in the distribution of animal feed ingredients throughout the US, Canada, and internationally. APEX is headquartered in Hamburg, NY with additional office locations in the midwest and south. Since 2001 we have serviced the agricultural community from coast to coast using rail, truck, and container transports.


Value Added

We are in the business of marketing commodities, so how do we differentiate ourselves? Since 2001 we focus on bringing value to our customers, suppliers and transporters. Interaction with APEX is more than a transaction and the results are beneficial long term relationships.


We are successful because we strive to offer the highest level of service in the marketplace which means we focus on the individual needs and requirements of everyone we work with.


Due to our more than 150 years of combined trading experience, we have the knowledge, flexibility, and responsiveness that allows us to be proactive in an ever-changing marketplace which ultimately brings value to customers, suppliers, and transporters