Company Profile

We merchandise whole grains, feed ingredients, energy products, freight and many other commodities all over the United States.

Our Company is headquartered in Hamburg, New York, and has regional offices across the United States. We are an entrepreneurial trading company committed to growth in existing and emerging markets. We strive to build long-term relationships through outstanding service, while leveraging our considerable experience in the markets we serve.

Wheat & Wheat By-Products

  • Off Grade Flour
  • Second Clears
  • Red Dog
  • Wheat Midds
  • Screenings

Corn & Corn By-Products

  • Fed Directly
  • Ethanol
  • Dried Distiller Grains
  • Sweetner
  • Corn Gluten feed

Soybean & Soybean By-Products

  • Soy Meal
  • Soy Hulls
  • Soy Oil

Cottonseed & Cottonseed By-Products

  • Fed Directly
  • Oil
  • Cottonseed Hulls

Canola Meal

Canola meal consists of the meal obtained from whole canola seeds after the removal of most of the oil by direct solvent or prepress solvent extraction process. An excellent source of vitamins and minerals and high in sulfur-containing amino acids, canola meal’s nutrient profile complements ingredients in a wide range of livestock rations.

Rice & Rice By-Products

Direct supplier relationships with multiple California rice mills. Sourcing Rice Bran (conventional full fat, stabilized & defatted), Rice Hulls, Rice Screenings, Brewers Rice, & Rice Secondheads, for a variety of applications, including: livestock feed, petfood, vitamin premix carrier, juice pressing aid, and livestock bedding.

Food Processing Co-Products

Partnerships with an array of west coast food processors on both wet and dry co-product streams used for livestock feed and petfood applications.  Products include: Tomato Pomace, Olive Meal, Dried Fruit,  and Almond and Walnut by-products including meal, hulls, shell and other unique ingredients.

Our Commitment

We strive to offer the highest level of service in the marketplace which means we focus on the individual needs and requirements of everyone we work with.

Peter Schlee, Founder and President

About Us


APEX is a commodity merchandising company that specializes in the distribution of animal feed ingredients throughout the US, Canada, and internationally. We bring APEX’s values to different geographic markets and other areas of need in the agricultural commodities markets.

Our Locations

Hamburg, New York

Tipton, Iowa

Lakeville, Minnesota

Evansville, Wisconsin

Rotonda West, Florida

Glendale, Arizona

Yuba City, California

Amarillo, Texas

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